At HomeEssentials Boneify Loyalty Program Become Life changer

HomeEssentials is eCommerce based store. Being a seller of different HomeEssentials Products, they are always worried about their Business sales.

Business Overview

HomeEssentials is eCommerce based store. Being a seller of different HomeEssentials Products, they are always worried about their Business sales. after the lock down clients business graph continuously falls down.

Client are using In house offers and running campaigns for customer attraction But with those efforts they didn't achieve their Goal. Then they started thinking Of digital help for their store.

Client need such a program which gathers all their users under one roof and provides them great rewards and offers on users Purchase. This will help to enable client sales growth and customer retention.

Opportunities and Challenges

The customer was searching for such a platform to fulfill their needs in low cast. Also they want to create a world-class experience for customers by incorporating more engagement. And need the following features With loyalty Program.

User Analytics for Targeting their Loyal customer which will help them for customer retention. Because of continuous business downfall client need such a features which will help them for Customer satisfaction and Sales growth & Revenue


To accomplish the client goals, Boneify updated the Customer Loyalty Program and user interface of Dashboard to make it more effective and efficient. With the Boneify Loyalty Platform, the client can now provide a first-rate experience for their Users through features such as automatic points earnings and exclusive engagement opportunities with their Purchase. Elevated program analytics enables the client to identify and understand the purchase behaviors of users who purchase at retail locations and utilize that data for specific campaigns.


Boneify Customer Loyalty program always be helpful to Increase traffic on online store.
With standard Features line Tier, Rewards and Point base program helps to attract New customers and retention.

As per the Client Requirement Boneify Provides API integration on Many platforms and Custom User Interface of Loyalty Dashboard It allows clients website to be More attractive.

Segmentation and campaign:
This feature increases the Power of store for their marketing and Promotion , It will help to group the users and target them for marketing and Promotion. It will enable the route of customer retention and Sales Growth.


The new loyalty program dramatically improved the functionality and user experience of the client’s store. The platform’s analytics capabilities gives Homeessentials direct access to even more customer data and purchasing insights than ever before, allowing them to create more targeted campaigns and offers. Traffic to the site increased over 6X more than previous years.

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