Features Classic Advanced Enterprises
Points and Rewards
Effortless Point Accumulation
Earn points through basic on-site activities and newsletter sign-ups.
Flexible Points Management
Manually adjust user points for enhanced control over engagement.
Coupon Generation on Point Redemption
Attract customers with redeemable points and a dedicated reward section.
Engaging On-Site Notifications
Utilize on-site notifications for better user engagement.
Bonus Points for Special Events
Offer points to customers completing special events featured in the event section.
Free Shipping Incentives
Run special events like 100% product discount for a smooth product flow.
Point Expiry Management
Effectively manage point redemption rates through point expiry.
Seamless Free Product Purchases
Enable users to purchase products with points, managing the cart with zero amounts.
GDPR Compliance
Ensure compliance with data protection regulations for user data control.
Bonus Points for Specific Purchases
Provide bonus points for specific product and collection purchases.
Bonus points for specific collections
Bonus points will be obtained on a specific collection of product with purchase.
Attractive Free Product Vouchers
Attract customers with vouchers for complimentary products, ensuring a smooth purchase process.
Discounted Product Vouchers
Allow users to purchase products at a discount using accumulated points.
Custom Points for On-Site Activities
Users can earn points through site-offered events for additional benefits.
Premium Features
Marketing Automation
Customer Communication
Analytics and Insights
Service and Support

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