Thinking about integration of loyalty Program?

Get your Business Growth With Boneify Loyalty Program

Engage customers with Rewards , Increase customers Lifetime value and bind your customers with Loyal relationships with Our customer loyalty program.

  • Multi-tier , Rewrad base Platform
  • loyalty points engine platform
  • Latest technology with great features
  • Great User Interface for end User
  • Analytic login for customers

Easy Integration with all Platforms

Connecting your loyalty program to well-known platforms will help you automate your business processes and provide your consumers points for things like online purchases, event triggers, user logins, and more in order to jointly create outstanding loyalty experiences.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Boneify and Salesforce commerce cloud together allows customer for manage orders, inventory & shipping, personalized product recommendations, account-based pricing, and many More.


Boneify Provides integration with Wix Platform , It allows the smooth data transaction between Wix and Boneify.


Boneify Provides integration with spryker, It allows users to access the Loyalty Dashboard With all the events also get benefits in the form of points which reflects on the dashboard.


WooCommerce Allows the customization for loyalty Program. Boneify and WooCommerce together helps to Increase Stores ROI.


Commerce tools provides full control of Your Business With High performance Scalability. Boneify provide direct API integration for commercetools store.


Bigcommerce is Saas platform allows and assist for building your online business store.


Integrate Your Shopify store with boneify Loyalty Program and be a witness of Your Business Growth, Boneify Custom loyalty Program brings customer satisfaction for existing customers, as well as new Loyal Customers for your store.


Magento Commerce is an enterprise-grade eCommerce platform that provides a rich set of out-of-the-box features, with an unlimited ability to customize.


Boneify offers point to point integration with Totango. This integration provides real-time data exchange between the platforms, specifically account activity to Boneify and loyalty data […]


Boneify is certified partner with SAP allows highly customizable option , data management and transaction through both end .


Boneify Allows API integration with mParticle, Many of our customers Using this integration . The integration allows to receive and transmit the data in real time.


Boneify and Bloomreach combines together is a great combination for Business. Boneify allows Point to Point direct API Integration with bloomreach , It allows More Benefits.


Boneify offers seamless and point to point API integration with Qualtrics Platform, It opens gates for increasing survey participation and data accuracy.

Zoho CRM

Boneify offers integration with zoho CRM , this allows for data exchange between Boneify and Zoho CRM , loyalty data smoothly transmitted through the platform.


Boneify Provides Point to point integration with Tealium Platform it allows smooth data flow between loyalty program and platform.

Salesforce CRM

Boneify Provides point to point Integration with Salesforce CRM, It allows smooth data transmission in real time. Boneify provides smooth customer interaction for users on this platform.


Boneify allows Direct point to Point integration with the Ometria platform.Boneify also Provides the Loyalty dashboard with events, Rewards and activity tracking sections.


Boneify allows Direct API based Integration with Marketo platform. Boneify and Marketo together boost the Flow of data.


Mailchimp is a Marketing platform for business. Store on Mailchimp is always covered with marketing. Boneify allows seamless integration with mailchimp.


Boneify Offers Seamless and Point to Point Integration with listrak. Integration Provides personalized cross channel interaction. It helps to Manage multiple store users on one platform.


Integration with klaviyo Platform allows organization to create segmentation for targeting specific audience for campaign ad marketing.


Basically hubspot is a marketing software, It will help to attract New users on your store, Boneify and Hubspot together allows you to create campaign for users and increase brand awareness.


Dot digital is a data platform , Integration with dotdigital allows organization seamless sync of product and data. Boneify provide API base Integration with dotdigital Platform

Constant Contact

Boneify Offers Seamless secured API Integration with Constant Contact Platform. This will allows the smooth data transaction between Boneify and Constant contact platform.

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