Integration with Dotdigital Platform

Dot digital is a data platform , Integration with dotdigital allows organization seamless sync of product and data. Boneify provide API base Integration with dotdigital Platform

Why Boneify Loyalty Program With Dotdigital?

Increase Customer retention Rate

Boneify and dotdigital together provide great interaction for users, also it helps to attract customers for redeem their points and get rewards on Your store.

Custom Events and Rewards

Organization can apply custom special events on the dashboard to attract new customers and rewards them for their activity, It will generate the loyal customer base and helps to increase revenue.

Increase Customer Engagement

Boneify provides Social share events and Unique referral link to share with users friends and family. When new customer taken directly to store, They will attracts towards the rewards benefits of registrations on your store , It will helps to create new customer base.


Dotdigital is an engagement platform that helps businesses engage customers across all touch points. Boneify offers point to point integration with Dotdigital. It allows to display loyalty dashboards and data across the eCommerce journey on product, category.

Trusted By Our Customers

Dotdigital users benefit from Boneify Loyalty's seamless integration, enhancing loyalty initiatives at TrendyEmail Marketing. The app's compatibility with Dotdigital ensures targeted loyalty campaigns, making it a reliable solution for businesses seeking to boost customer retention with personalized experiences.
Owner - TrendyEmail Marketing
NewwayRetailers elevates customer loyalty with Boneify Loyalty integrated with Dotdigital. The app's seamless sync with Dotdigital's email marketing capabilities allows us to create impactful loyalty campaigns, driving customer engagement and retention.
Owner - NewwayRetailers
Our loyalty program at flowEmail Co. has seen remarkable improvement with Boneify Loyalty integrated with Dotdigital. The app's user-friendly interface and Dotdigital compatibility make it easy to implement personalized loyalty experiences. Boneify Loyalty is a must-have for businesses looking to enhance loyalty initiatives with Dotdigital.
Owner - FlowEmail Co.

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