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Boneify Introduce smart solution for Businesses to improve the engagement with their customer, The product contains Best Features which helps to Grow Businesses.


Date: 2024-02-12


Point And Tier Base:

In the latest Version Of Program , Points will be assigned to users for their activity On dashboard. Boneify makes it easy to reward users for their engagement on your platform. Establish a comprehensive loyalty program that gives clients points for every action they take. Rewards for customers increase in tandem with their interaction, adhering to a tiered structure that accentuates exclusivity.

Rewards and Coupons:

Boneify Provides custom reward Features for The clients , As per The requirement admin can Set the rewards with coupon codes for users.

Campaign and Segmentation:

To increase Brand awareness and marketing, Boneify Provides the campaign and segmentation feature. It allows client To target a group of customers and special members for the offers. Offers will also contain Products and categories on the client store.

Standard And custom Events:

To increase consumer engagement, Boneify has introduced an event-based loyalty program. Boneify offers a dynamic range of standard events that are intended to fascinate all customers. Beyond these, Boneify goes above and beyond by providing the freedom to design events that are unique to your particular business needs. Make a lasting impression by engaging in meaningful and memorable activities.

Point Expiry:

Boneify introduce point validity feature with The time. This feature will allow the admin to set no. of days post which the points earned by the customers will be expired.

Customer login:

Once the client implement Boneify Loyalty Program, clients account will created in the admin panel, they can log in using their login credentials to their respective web portals and able to access all The reports of end users. Currently, all the basic functionalities are implemented in the portal.

Future Update

Refer a friend Model will be introduced soon by Boneify.

A referral program is a way for existing customers to refer other people to the Purchase, usually in exchange for a small reward. When the user refers to the store with friends and family , the user will be rewarded.
Referral Program view:- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
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