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B2B customer loyalty programs help you become more than a “commodity supplier,” by giving you the Solution to engage, and build personalized relationships with your customers. Customer loyalty programs increase customer engagement, which has a positive impact on profitability and sales.

Boneify is API based customer engagement loyalty program , Our platform supports small and madcap e-commerce business growth by increasing their sales and revenue.

In the current Market many businesses find different ways to retain the customers. Advantages of loyalty programs include attracting shoppers back to your platform without spending lots of time and money acquiring new customers. It helps to increase purchase rate , Brand awareness and sales.

Loyalty programs act as a customer retention strategy , businesses who have their e-commerce identity are always welcome to join the family.

Boneify loyalty program is perfect solution for ecommerce business . It helps to build loyal relation between merchant and customer in the form of Purchase and Rewards, It contains special events like sign up , Social share and many Morewhich attract customers and help to increase sales.

Boneify offers reward-based loyalty programs in which users receive benefits in the form of coupon codes after making a purchase.

Event-based loyalty scheme:- On the user dashboard, Boneify offers a variety of events. When a user triggers an event, he or she is awarded with points that are displayed on the dashboard.

Tier-based loyalty scheme:- Boneify creates tiers with advantages in accordance with client requirements; users are awarded points based on the tier ratio.