Clients Success stories

See how the Boneify loyalty platform is used by business brands to foster meaningful customer relationships and increase consumer engagement.

Our Case Studies

At SportsGearHub Boneify loyalty program raise their customer Value
SportsGearHub, an Eco-friendly outdoor sport product company, realizes that its customers need more than products and offers with their online store.
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Customer Loyalty Program for eCommerce store
StylishWear is a startup that partners with cloth manufacturers to transform various fabrics materials into unique accessories. They are promoting Unique product.
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At HomeEssentials Boneify Loyalty Program Become Life changer
HomeEssentials is eCommerce based store. Being a seller of different HomeEssentials Products, they are always worried about their Business sales.
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Kidsjoy Manufacturing B2B Loyalty Program
For more than 5 years, KidsJoy has been producing plush toys. Being a producer, distributor, and retailer of different stuffed toys. They Built their market with quality Product.
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Customer Loyalty Program increase ROI for Pet Store.
In order to boost consumer spending on products, foster brand affinity and trust, gather and activate consumer profiles, and inform customers about pet wellness.
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Customer engagement in E Commerce Business
Our startup client is based in the UK and collaborates with watch manufacturers to create distinctive accessories out of a variety of natural materials.
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