Customer engagement in E Commerce Business

Our startup client is based in the UK and collaborates with watch manufacturers to create distinctive accessories out of a variety of natural materials.

Our startup client is based in the UK and collaborates with watch manufacturers to create distinctive accessories out of a variety of natural materials.

One dollar from each watch sold is used to fund important and environmentally beneficial projects, such as reforestation, the creation of sustainable packaging, employment opportunities for individuals with physical or mental disability, and others. Magento 2 powers their web store.

Clients Business and steady and growing Position But They want to enhance their Online sales for Customers in the Market.

Opportunities and Challenges

Within their limited budget, the client wished to add a reward programme to their customer account features. Customers can accrue points for each order they place through the loyalty programme, and they can increase their point total by fulfilling specific requirements. You can swap the points for discount vouchers or access to special offers.

They used the Rewards extension as a foundation for that, first believing it could handle the necessary out-of-the-box logic, but that proved not to be the case. Only created orders with awarded points could be handled by the extension. They require a suitable remedy for that.


We offer them a loyalty program which suits their requirement with customized events and Tier based.

After that they are able to assign the Points for every purchase and events Trigger for their users And they will get better engagement with their users.


Customer loyalty programme offer rewards to customers who engage with a brand frequently. It’s a strategy for keeping consumers that draws in new ones and persuades current ones to choose your business over that of your rivals. The more a customer purchases or interacts with the brand, the more rewards they receive.

Programme for loyalty and referrals are good approaches to get your firm growing faster. If your store has a loyalty programme in place, customers are more likely to come back. Additionally, a referral programme entices customers to tell their friends and family about your company, bringing you in front of eligible leads.

How customers can earn loyalty points with boneify:

*Points per $ spent in clients online shop

*Get custom events and standard events

*Newsletter subscribe (once)

*Social media share events

*Enter birthday and mobile phone number (once)

*Many more feature like above


In the end, the required functionality for the client loyalty program was successfully implemented. Customers can exchange their earned loyalty points for products or coupon codes which gives them benefits to return and keep shopping at clients’ online store.

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