At SportsGearHub Boneify loyalty program raise their customer Value

SportsGearHub, an Eco-friendly outdoor sport product company, realizes that its customers need more than products and offers with their online store.

Business Overview

SportsGearHub, an Eco-friendly outdoor sport product company, realizes that its customers need more than products and offers with their online store.

They started an Initiative towards reselling the sport product via their online store. But still they want to attract New customers and Offer rewards on their Purchase. They started thinking about such a program to be implemented on their site.

They keep browsing for such programs But fail to trust On market Vendors, after the suggestion and reference they Browsing for loyalty Program.

Opportunities and Challenges

SportsGearHub wanted to enhance their customer base with trust and satisfaction and The loyalty program would ensure to get reward for their Users and run campaigns for them They also want clear reporting of their users on their site. Which will help them target their loyal customer base.

For users to be able to earn points with every purchase and resell, we created some advanced logic for their segmentation and Product , which can help users to get best rewards on specific Products.


Via reference, clients reach us and we start working on their Need. Offers them Boneify Loyalty Program with custom features like events , segmentation and campaign Which helps them overall like sales rate , ROI , Marketing and promotion and the most important factor is customer satisfaction.
Boneify implements some new features for client to reach the customer need and offers to integrate the API with the SportsGearHub.


Boneify offer rewards in the form of points and user get rewarded in the form of a discount on Purchase. It’s a basic rule of customer loyalty program to attract new customers and convert them as loyal customers. Users buy more purchases or interact with the brand, the more rewards they receive. It helps for customer retention and increases the sales Rate consistently.


To target a group of customers for the marketing and Promotion purpose segmentation feature provides great help it will increase the brand awareness of client and provide the loyal database to manage the campaign.

Custom events and More:
Boneify Provide some standard events in Loyalty Program But as per the customer requirement boneify provides the custom event feature and also boneify offers the extended attribute feature which enables the data gathering flow for client, which can be used for New offers and rewards.


Boneify loyalty programs have proven to be transformative for SportsGearHub in customer engagement, forging lasting relationships and brand awareness. By leveraging technology, personalization, brands can create captivating experiences and build unwavering customer advocacy.

Partner with Boneify and elevate your brand’s perception, delight your customers and ignite the flames of word-of-mouth marketing. Let’s start on a journey of loyalty and success together.

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