Customer Loyalty Program for eCommerce store

StylishWear is a startup that partners with cloth manufacturers to transform various fabrics materials into unique accessories. They are promoting Unique product.

Business Overview

StylishWear is a startup that partners with cloth manufacturers to transform various fabrics materials into unique accessories. They invest $1 from every sold product into reforestation projects, development of sustainable packaging, occupation of people with physical or mental disabilities, and other significant and Eco-friendly projects. Their online store runs on Magento.

Client was Using other Reward extensions for fulfill their needs regarding Reward Program ,initially thought that it will be able to handle the required out-of-the-box logic but it turned out not to be the case.

Opportunities and Challenges

StylishWear wanted to enhance their customer account features with a loyalty program within “The StylishWear Premium Club”. The loyalty program would ensure customers can collect points with every order and earn more loyalty points by completing certain events. The points can be exchanged for exclusive offers, or discount codes.

For customers to be able to earn points with every purchase, we created additional logic for the clients reward module. Also clients Need the customized events like birthdays , anniversaries with custom attributes.


Customers that interact with a brand on a regular basis are rewarded through customer loyalty programs. It’s a customer retention approach that attracts new customers and encourages existing customers to stick with your brand instead of going to one of your competitors. This is the basis purpose of any reward program.

Boneify updated the Loyalty Module to reach the customer need and offer to integrate the API with the Magento store.


Boneify customer Loyalty are effective ways to accelerate the growth of your business.Customers are more likely to return to your store if you have a loyalty program in place. A referral events also encourages clients to tell their friends and family about your business, providing you with qualified prospects. Boneify offers seamless integration with eCommerce platforms like Magento.

How customers can earn loyalty points with Boneify :

*Points per $ spent in StylishWear online shop.

*Referral events like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

*Points On Creat an account and Newsletter subscribe.

*Custom events like anniversary and birthday.


In the end, the required functionality for client from the Boneify loyalty program was successfully implemented. Customers can exchange their earned loyalty points for products or coupon codes which gives them an incentive to return and keep shopping at StylishWear.
Sales rate increased By 20% and customer retention rate increased by 40%.

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