Integration with mParticle Platform

Boneify Allows API integration with mParticle, Many of our customers Using this integration . The integration allows to receive and transmit the data in real time.

Why Boneify Loyalty Program With mParticle?

Ensure data Quality

Boneify and mParticle both together allows smooth data transmission through API integration also ensure the data quality and maintenance. Boneify allows data transparency.

Better interaction

Direct API based Instigation Provide stability and smooth data flow , Boneify provide customised Dashboard for better interaction of User, It will helps to attract new customers.

Improve sales and retention

Boneify Provides Customized rewards and events for better interaction of user on store it will directly Multiply the sales and customer retention.


Boneify have direct integration with mParticle. Boneify allows Smooth data interaction with this platform, mParticle allows to customer Manage all customer data and profile smoothly.

Trusted By Our Customers

Boneify Loyalty seamlessly integrates with mParticle, offering DigitalInnovators Co. efficient and precise customer data management. The app's compatibility with mParticle's seamless integrations simplifies workflows and improves data accuracy, making it a top choice for businesses navigating the complexities of modern customer data.
Owner - DigitalInnovators Co.
Boneify Loyalty transforms loyalty efforts at EcommerceEmpire with seamless integration with mParticle. The app's ability to collect, unify, and activate data across channels has significantly enhanced our marketing campaigns, making it an essential tool for businesses seeking a reliable CDP solution.
Owner - EcommerceEmpire
OmniRetail Solutions relies on Boneify Loyalty's seamless integration with mParticle, the backbone of our omnichannel strategy. The app's real-time data orchestration capabilities allow us to create personalized and timely interactions with our customers, making it an invaluable asset for businesses aiming to stay ahead in today's competitive landscape
Owner - OmniRetail Solutions

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