Integration With SAP Platform

Boneify is certified partner with SAP allows highly customizable option , data management and transaction through both end .

Why Boneify Loyalty Program With SAP?

Data Management and cost effective

Online store on SAP allows great benefits like Data management within the store with efficiently , also provide smooth data transmission through integration.

Boneify Ensure Transparency

Integration with Boneify loyalty program allows data transparency to customer , Provide customer login and all reports according to users activities.

Boneify Provide Excessive Mobility

Together with boneify and SAP , Put Users at Core of attention and offers many attractive rewards on Product and category, its directly impact on sales and business growth.


Boneify offers Integration with SAP. with Integration Client can gain better loyalty member insights and engage with your loyal members more intelligently.

The integration with SAP includes the ability to display loyalty dashboards and data across the on product, category and dashboard.

Trusted By Our Customers

Zoho CRM users benefit from Boneify Loyalty's seamless integration with SAP's CDP, enhancing loyalty programs at InnovateTech Solutions. The app's user-friendly interface and SAP compatibility make it a valuable asset for personalized loyalty experiences aligned with SAP's robust features.
Owner - InnovateTech Solutions
TechInnovators Inc. leverages the powerful combination of Boneify Loyalty and SAP's CDP. The app's synchronization ensures personalized loyalty initiatives, making it a reliable solution for businesses enhancing customer retention efforts within the SAP ecosystem.
Owner - TechInnovators Inc
DynamicSolutions Inc. highlights Boneify Loyalty's outstanding integration with SAP's CDP, improving overall customer engagement strategies. The app's versatility aligns seamlessly with SAP's CDP capabilities, enhancing loyalty initiatives and providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions.
Owner - DynamicSolutions Inc

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