Integration with Zoho CRM Platform

Boneify offers integration with zoho CRM , this allows for data exchange between Boneify and Zoho CRM , loyalty data smoothly transmitted through the platform.

Why Boneify Loyalty Program With Zoho CRM?

Integration With CRM platform

It allows us to maintain the customer profile, to manage the Interaction of customers through the loyalty program.

Reporting and analytics

Boneify allows the Organization to track the user History and activity through the loyalty program , and plan the strategy for the business future.

Increase Net sales and business Growth

Integration with Boneify helps organization to attract the new customer through best rewards and offers and Increase the Bet sales and business growth.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is great and interactive platform, Boneify offer point to point integration with Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM provides you advanced security features like encryption, two-factor authentication, Zoho CRM conveniently protects your data, only allowing access to the users you authorize.

Trusted By Our Customers

Zoho CRM users benefit from Boneify Loyalty's seamless integration, enhancing loyalty programs at Ntech Solutions. The app's user-friendly interface and Zoho CRM compatibility make it an invaluable asset for personalized loyalty experiences.
Owner - Ntech Solutions
iTechInnovators Inc. leverages the winning combination of Boneify Loyalty and Zoho CRM. The app's synchronization ensures personalized loyalty initiatives, making it a reliable solution for businesses enhancing customer retention efforts with Zoho CRM.
Owner - iTechInnovators Inc
TechDux Inc. highlights Boneify Loyalty's outstanding integration with Zoho CRM, improving overall customer engagement strategies. The app's versatility aligns seamlessly with Zoho CRM's robust features, enhancing loyalty initiatives.
Owner - TechDux Inc

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