Integration with Tealium Platform

Boneify Provides Point to point integration with Tealium Platform it allows smooth data flow between loyalty program and platform.

Why Boneify Loyalty Program With Tealium?

Seamless API integration

Boneify allows seamless API base integration with the Tealium platform with no huddle. Users can get direct access to the loyalty dashboard on your online store with this integration.

Marketing and segmentation

Boneify allows to target the group of audience for marketing though the campaign and segmentation features, Its helps to attract new customers on store.

Reward On Product and category

Boneify enable the feature for rewarding the special Products and category for users it will helps to increase sales and engage the customer flow on your online store.


Boneify offers Integration with Tealium platform. Tealium allows our client to integrate data collected from web activity and offline data in one central profile.

Trusted By Our Customers

Boneify Loyalty seamlessly integrates with Tealium, offering DataDrivenMarketing Co. accurate and real-time loyalty insights. The app's compatibility with Tealium's data orchestration capabilities makes it a powerful tool for customer loyalty.
Owner - DataDrivenMarketing Co.
Boneify Loyalty transforms loyalty efforts at OmnichannelRetailers with seamless integration with Tealium. The app's compatibility with Tealium's CDP ensures highly personalized loyalty experiences, making it essential for businesses leveraging Tealium
Owner - OmnichannelRetailers
TechInnovate Solutions enhances loyalty initiatives with Boneify Loyalty and Tealium integration. The app's seamless compatibility with Tealium's platform ensures data-driven and effective loyalty campaigns.
Owner - TechInnovate Solutions

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