Integration With Commerce tools Platform

Commerce tools provides full control of Your Business With High performance Scalability. Boneify provide direct API integration for commercetools store.

Why Boneify Loyalty Program With Commercetools?

Great User interface and Full control

Boneify and Commercetools together Provide a great UI of loyalty Dashboard With customization also Commercetools provides full control of your store.

High- performance scalability

Boneify and Commercetools Provide scalability during traffic spikes like festival , Boneify allows smooth data transaction for customers.

Rewards for Product and category

Boneify offers rewards for special product and category of your online store to attract new customers and increase your sales growth.


Boneify built a loyalty program that integrates directly with commercetools. Our API-first customer loyalty program is quick and easy to integrate with commercetools.

With commercetools data flow become very flexible and smooth. It provides all components required to build perfect business platform.

Trusted By Our Customers

At Tech max. our customer turning in to Loyal customers, Boneify Loyalty seamlessly integrates with our store on Commercetools, The app's simplicity and effectiveness have had a positive impact on sales, making it an essential addition to our online store.
Owner - Techmax enterprises
Shinystar, a commercetools user, meet your new best friend - Boneify Loyalty! The app's seamless integration with commercetools has elevated our loyalty program to new heights. The customizable features make it a perfect fit for any Commercetools store.
Owner- shinystar
Marks retailer elevates customer loyalty with Boneify Loyalty integrated with Commercetools. The app's seamless sync with Commercetools email marketing capabilities allows us to create impactful loyalty campaigns, driving customer engagement and retention.
Owner - Marks retailer

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