Integration with Ometria Platform

Boneify allows Direct point to Point integration with the Ometria platform.Boneify also Provides the Loyalty dashboard with events, Rewards and activity tracking sections.

Why Boneify Loyalty Program With Ometria?

Seamless Integration with Ometrai

As a data and marketing platform Boneify allows seamless integration with ometrai. Platform help to unify customer data from sources and create a single profile for business growth

Campaign and segmentation

Boneify allows the organization to create campaign and segment for target the group of audience , It helps to increase the revenue of the store.

Smart analytics

Boneify provide customer login for organization to track the users data and activity for marketing planning and strategy , It helps to Increase sales rate and business growth.


Ometria is a customer marketing and data platform also Ometria is the first and only CDXP built for retailers. Boneify have seamless Integration with Ometria. Increase repeat purchases with reward available emails. Engage with customers via monthly loyalty summary emails.

Trusted By Our Customers

Boneify Loyalty seamlessly integrates with Ometria, aligning loyalty and marketing efforts at TrendyMarketers. The app's compatibility with Ometria's customer-centric approach makes it an essential tool for cohesive loyalty and marketing strategies
Owner - TrendyMarketers
FashionForward Co. elevates loyalty efforts with Boneify Loyalty and Ometria integration. The app seamlessly aligns with Ometria's insights for personalized loyalty experiences, proving to be a game-changer for businesses seeking synergy between loyalty and marketing.
Owner - FashionForward Co.
DynamicRetailers experiences exceptional results with Boneify Loyalty integrated with Ometria. The app's compatibility with Ometria's predictive analytics ensures targeted and impactful loyalty initiatives, making it a valuable asset for businesses seeking enhanced customer loyalty.
Owner - DynamicRetailers

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