Integration with Spryker Platform

Boneify Provides integration with spryker, It allows users to access the Loyalty Dashboard With all the events also get benefits in the form of points which reflects on the dashboard.

Why Boneify Loyalty Program With Spryker?

Custom Events and Dashboard

Boneify and Spryker allow the Smooth data transaction between loyalty and platform, Boneify Provides Custom events for Users , Users will be rewarded in the form of points when they trigger the events .

Analytics and smart Reporting

Boeify Provides the customer Login for the organization to analyze their User Activity and manage plans for the marketing Purpose.

Great User interface

Boneify Provides the dashboard with user activity Tracking tab , where user can track their activity of loyalty program. Dashboard look and feel is easy and attractive for user Interaction


Boneify offers Point to point interaction with Spryker. The integration includes the ability to display loyalty dashboards and data across the eCommerce journey on product, category and confirmation pages. It allows the smooth transmission of data of loyalty Platform On user dashboard.

Trusted By Our Customers

Manpower Inc. leverages the powerful combination of Boneify Loyalty and Spryker. The app's synchronization ensures personalized loyalty initiatives, making it a reliable solution for businesses enhancing customer retention efforts within the Spryker ecosystem.
Owner - Manpower Inc.
Boneify Loyalty seamlessly integrates with Spryker, aligning loyalty and marketing efforts at Toolkitmarketers. The app's compatibility with Spryker customer-centric approach makes it an essential tool for cohesive loyalty and marketing strategies
Owner - ToolkitMarketers
Studioheight integration. The app seamlessly aligns with Spryker insights for personalized loyalty experiences, proving to be a game-changer for businesses seeking synergy between loyalty and marketing.
Owner - Studioheight

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