Integration with Wix Platform

Boneify Provides integration with Wix Platform , It allows the smooth data transaction between Wix and Boneify.

Why Boneify Loyalty Program With WIX?

Smooth API Integration

Boneify allows smooth Integration with API base, It reflects the smooth data flow. also User allows to handle the dashboard On with their profile on Organization store.

Reward On product and category

Boneify provides the feature for organization rewarding Users on special product or category on purchase.

Analytics and reports

Boneify Provides customer login for the organization, where they can track all the reports related loyalty program like points rewards and many more.


Boneify performs easy Integration of Loyalty API with Wix platform. Boneify APIs allow you to activate, update, and manage a site’s loyalty program, including details about the overall loyalty program and customer accounts.

Wix become a powerful platform it provide flexible environment to the users. Boneify allows great transmission of loyalty data such as Product, category and dashboard.

Trusted By Our Customers

PetsEmporium on Wix rejoices! Boneify Loyalty seamlessly integrates, adding a powerful loyalty layer to our online store. Customers love the rewards, and we've seen a noticeable increase in repeat business. Two thumbs up!
Owner - PetsEmporium
As the owner of BlossomBoutique on Wix, finding a reliable loyalty app was crucial. Boneify Loyalty not only met but exceeded our expectations. It's user-friendly, customizable, and significantly boosted customer loyalty. A must-have for any Wix store!
Owner - BlossomBoutique
Wix and Boneify Loyalty make the perfect pair for FashionFiesta. The app effortlessly integrates, providing a hassle-free loyalty solution. Our customers love the rewards, and we love the increased customer retention. Win-win!
Owner - FashionFiesta

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