Boneify Loyalty Solutions Return and Refund Policy

Effective Date: 04/05/2024


Welcome to Boneify Loyalty Solution, your premier provider of loyalty solutions for e-commerce, retail, and more. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional service and support to our clients through our comprehensive loyalty solutions. Given the digital nature of our services and the absence of physical products, our policies regarding cancellations, returns, and refunds are as follows:


  1. Service Subscription

Boneify Loyalty Solution is a SaaS platform offering various subscription models tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our platform does not offer physical products; thus, our policies are designed to reflect the specific nature of our services.


  1. No Trial Periods

At this time, Boneify Loyalty Solution does not offer trial periods for our services. We encourage our clients to review all available information and contact our sales or support team for comprehensive insights into our offerings before subscription.


  1. Cancellation Policy

Clients may cancel their subscription services at any time. Please note that Boneify Loyalty Solution requires a notice of 48 hours before the next billing cycle to process your cancellation request. To cancel your subscription, please contact our support team at


  1. No Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of our services and the resources involved in provisioning our solutions, Boneify Loyalty Solution does not offer refunds once a subscription is activated or renewed. We stand behind the quality and value of our services and provide extensive documentation and support to assist our clients in utilizing our platform to its full potential.


  1. Renewals

Subscriptions are automatically renewed at the end of each subscription period (monthly, annually, etc.) unless a cancellation request is submitted in accordance with our cancellation policy mentioned above.


  1. Changes to Services or Prices

Boneify Loyalty Solution reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue any aspect of our services at any time, including features and prices, without prior notice. Any changes to services or pricing will be communicated to our clients in advance.


  1. Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our Return and Refund Policy, or if you require assistance with your subscription, please contact us at Our dedicated team is here to provide support and ensure you get the most out of your Boneify Loyalty Solution experience.